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Interdisciplinary initiative that seeks to creatively, experimentally and critically investigate the use of mobile technologies for soundscape research and production practices.

Audio-Mobile is an iOS app that allows users to record the sounds around them, attaching a photograph and GPS coordinates to the file. These elements can then be uploaded to an online “sound map” and shared with others in a variety of ways. The app is in the final stages of production and should be available on the Apple App store by Nov 2013.

The principle research questions for the project include: “what can the integration of cell phones and other mobile media devices bring to the field of soundscape studies, and, concomitantly, what are the intersections between mobility studies, soundscape studies, and contemporary practices of electronic music production?” While many contemporary audio technologies are portable (i.e., laptops, mixers, microphones, etc.), they are not “mobile” in terms of being carried with the user at all times. Cell phones with built-in audio functions represent new opportunities in terms of spontaneous field recording and production applications.

The A-M app is also a central component of the Echoscape project.

Principal Investigator

Owen Chapman, Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec


Kim Sawchuk, Communication Studies, Concordia University, Montreal


Zachary Patterson, Geography, Concordia University, Montreal
Charity Marsh, Canada Research Chair, Interactive Media and Performance, University of Regina

Research Assistants

Samuel Thulin, PhD in Communication Studies, Concordia University
Natalie Arslanyan, B.A. Communication Studies, Concordia University
Michael Langiewicz, B.A. Communication Studies, Concordia University


Previous research assistants

Laura Newman, B.A. Communication Studies, Concordia University, graduated 2013
Cynthia Wong, B.A. Communication Studies, Concordia University, graduated 2013
Andrew Simpson, B.A. Communication Studies, Concordia University, graduated 2013
Ben Spencer, B.A. Communication Studies, Concordia University, graduated 2013
Qingfeng Liu, B.Sc. Computer Science, Concordia University, graduated 2013
Aaron Baxter, M.A. Geography and Urban Planning, Concordia University, graduated 2011


Contracted Research Professionals

Aaron Baxter
Daniel Hambleton (Mesh Consultants)
Michael Matan (NetFunctional)
Mel Hogan, Jeff Traynor, Paul Juricic (Archinodes)